Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Etsy Twitter Shop of the Week!!

The very lovely people of the Etsy Twitter Team have done me the honor of making me the Etsy Twitter "Shop of the Week" this week!!  They did up such a lovely feature article--please stop by and check it out--everything you've always wanted to know about Mrs. Kwitty but were afraid to ask, LOL!   Not really, but it is a very nice article and it also tells you about a little "SPECIAL" for the reader's at the end!

I've added some new stuff to my shop this week, including a couple more new birdies--it is supposed to be spring you know!  There is this pretty pink one (I know, there are no pretty white and pink birds in the wild, but don't you think there should be...look how cute they are!) lol
And then a cutey blue bird too!

I've also made up a couple new Page Percher bookmarks in their pretty library pockets.

There are a few more things, but I don't want to load you all up with pics!  Stop by the shop and see for yourself.

I'm so glad that this feature article came out this week...otherwise it would have been a bit of a rough one for was Pauly's birthday yesterday, he would have turned 44.  I sure do miss him and we really felt the loss of his presence yesterday :o(

Also, it is chemo week....they are a bit rough (to put it mildly!)  I go in for chemo 3 days in a row and then on the 4th day I go in for a shot to boost my white cell production as the chemo makes you anemic.  I just finished my 3rd treatment this morning.  Just in for the shot tomorrow and then I have 2 weeks to recover before I go again.  Keep me in your prayers that all this keeps on working and for strength, it makes me feel so tired and weak.

That's it for today, my dear friends!!  Have a great day ♥♥♥


mimi'sdarlins said...

Karen, I will continue to keep you in my prayers in hopes that you will stay strong and not get too worn out by your treatments.... congratulations on your award, you are so deserving :-)

Firecracker Kid said...

Well, congratulations Karen:) That is a lovely feature. Just like your handmades. Good for you. Carol

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Congratulations Karen! Everything is adorable!!

You are in my prayers.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...


I am so sad to hear that you were diagnosed with lung cancer. Dear friend, just get plenty of rest and be good to yourself.

You just amaze me that you continue to created despite all that you are going through. This will keep your mind busy. Your birds are as precious as can be. I have the little felt heart with the blue bird on the light next to my bed. I think of you often when I see it.

Congrats for being featured! That is fabulous.

Know I am here if you ever wish to have some girl talk. Just email me.


iSew said...

Wow! Etsy Twitter Shop of the Week, awesome!

Keep your chin up, Mrs. Kwitty, we're all thinking about you. xo

treasurefield said...

I'm definitely keeping you in my prayers! Hoping the treatments aren't too unkind. Wishing you strength & healing!

littlethings1 said...

I am so sorry about your chemo treatments , I am sure it is very hard on a person , you will be in my prayers for strength and healing !
I can not believe you are creating in the midst of this all , hooray for you !
And I know it is hard on the anniv of loosing someone dear to us , a big hug to you & hope you have a blessed Easter!
The Little Things

Theresia (Minori Design) said...

Karen, BIG congrats to YOU, Yay!!
I have just read the interview, Great feature,well done my friend!
Happy Easter from the UK!

Patty said...

Yay congratulations! I love your ETSY shop :)

Anonymous said...

Karen, congrats on being featured, and yes, I do think there should be some pink birds in nature. Well, there are flamingos, but that's not the same!
I hope you have a restful week.

Jemjoop said...

Twitter Shop of the Week! That's awesome, congrats! Will check out your article.
Sorry to hear about your icky treatments. Feel better xo

Bette said...

Hi Karen, I have admired your work for a long time on OFG and I am so sad to hear you are fighting cancer. You will be in my prayers for the strength to make it through the chemo and a full recovery. I hope to enjoy your wonderful work for a long time to come. Prayers and hugs, Bette

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