Friday, July 28, 2006

Everything's coming up Daisies just officially hit 100 degrees! In Duluth, MN! We are suffering so bad here, no one has air conditioning. It cooled down to 87 degrees in the house this morning. I called around to every store in town this morning and EVERYONE was sold out of air conditioners...Menards told me that they had sold 72 of them before noon today. LOL My daughter and I just went for a long car ride, just to cool off, and this huge rainstorm hit (we haven't had rain for a month, all the grass is yellow) with torrential downpours and hail! YeeeHah! What a day, LOL. I've been busy making more in the line of car trash bags...a couple of them are vintage-y looking, and I finished one this morning that is a little more manly with earth tone batiks and a really cool fish transfer. Click the pic and it will take you to my Flickr site or click here and visit my Etsy shop to see more of them. I will add pics here as I find the time. Thanks so much for stopping by and keep cool! Go down to the corner store and get yourself one of those giant Mr. Freeze's. I love the orange ones.


kiwicraft said...

No A/C? We would die without it in Texas. :) Sounds like a crazy day, haha. I love that bag by the way. It's gorgeous, interesting idea too.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I KNOW!!! It is way too hot! Thanks for the sweet comment on this bag...I used to make these to sell at craft fairs a couple years ago, and they sold pretty well. I had kinda forgot about them for a while, and now I'm making them again.

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