Monday, July 31, 2006

Retro Card Wallet

Retro Card Wallet
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Hi peeps! Is this the craziest summer? Happily we just got over a couple of days of cooler weather with tons of rain...which we needed. It was so nice to finally get the house cooled down a bit. I went nuts...I felt so energized without all that heat weighing me down. Got my craft room straightened out, folded and put away that teetering stack of fabric and I am happy to say that I can once again see the top of my table! LOL I decided that I needed a little wallet to carry my business cards around in, and you know, as long as I was at it I had to make a few for the Etsy shop! So here are 2 different styles...Polky Dots and Retro. I made myself a dot one just cuz I am dotty for dots, and I love brown too. Stop by the shop and check them out if you want to know more or are interested in buying one. They aren't very expensive and just think of how classy you will look the next time you go to hand out one of your cards! (Also nice for storing all the cards that you have received that are floating around in your purse...c'mon, you know you have them! LOL).


pinky said...

OH! I love these! I have a black leather card wallet, but it isn't nearly as fun! I'm heading to your shop, it's too tempting!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks Pinky...ya sweety!!

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