Sunday, July 02, 2006 newest toy!

Happy 4th to all the Americans out there! Hope you all enjoy yourselves.... eat too much and drink some cold drinks in the hot sun and oooh and aaah over all the fireworks. Yeah! We have some relatives that live out in New England, who we rarely get to see, coming for a visit for a couple weeks...they should be here tomorrow morning. We are excited!

This week I have been getting my Flickr site going...and having a grand time doing it! One thing I have really been working on since opening the Etsy shop is trying to improve my photography skills. This flickr will help me with this too, I think. You don't want to put our crappy pictures when you have a lot of people looking at them, for sure! I can already see some improvements. It also helps that there are so many helpful tips on the Etsy forums about this subject, which I try to read on a regular basis and make sure I put the tips into use. If you would like to check out what I have up on the Flickr, please feel free to stop in and leave a comment or two. Now the next step is to figure out how to connect the flickr to this blog...i guess you can do that too! LOL Oh my poor head!
Well that's it for now...I guess I should go and scrub the toilets...we have company coming! *lol* Have fun everyone.

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