Thursday, September 28, 2006

First Purse

First Purse
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Hello Readers. Well, it looks like time has gotten away from me again! LOL I really don't mean to neglect my blog. Isn' t this blogging world something? Wow! There are so many really cool blogs out there, and I could spend a scary amount of time just flipping around and reading them all! I am pretty pooped tonight but I wanted to share this new purse with you before I head off to bed. I recently had a really sweet gal order a couple little card wallets from me and she liked them so well that she asked if I made purses. Well, I really don't, lol, at least not as of that time. I thought, "hey, what the heck!" so I got busy and just designed a bag that I thought had the features that I would like in a purse. I took me a couple days of working on it, but here is the finished product! Yeah! I interfaced everything so it is nice and sturdy. There are 4 big pockets all around the bottom on the outside of the bag, and 2 smaller pockets inside. It has my signature rick rack (heaven help me, but I love the rick rack) and I just love that lime green and black together. I think it turned out really nice. I lined it in a lime green with white polka dots and the pockets in there are black and white checkered. I had a thought about this has a personality a lot like some people-- it is bright and elegant on the outside and colorful and a little crazy on the inside!! OK...maybe I am spending too much time down in the craft room! LOL I have been busy and my sales are picking up, which makes me so happy. I've been trying to come up with some new items, many of which are still on the drawing board, and I've got a few more embroideries done so I can work on some new bagkeepers...the fruit motif ones seem to sell really fast. So there you have it, blah blah blah!! LOL Thanks for stopping by...swing by my Etsy shop and see what is new there. TaTa!


Joni said...

I love it Karen! It looks like you did a fantastic job and you have my curiosity up waiting for these new items. Yeah!

pinky said...

WOW! Karen that is fantastic! I have a deep, deep love for purses and this one is just spectacular. I'm heading to your shop. I know better, but I can never seem to stop myself! You have soooooo many things I want!!!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh! Thanks so much joni and pinky!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks a lot Dot! (poetry at it's finest, lol) It should be there soon, I mailed it out yesterday morning (Wed.)! :-} Yeah!

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