Thursday, September 21, 2006


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Hello Readers. I was just over at my friend Joni's blog "My Piece of Heaven", reading about her barn cat Gus, aka LB, and it sparked me to write a little about the cats in my life right now.

I have a couple of new items in my Etsy shop, halloween items, and 2 of them feature cats...check them out - they are cute and fun! The first one is a little black cat in a pumpkin and the other is a black cat pocket, good for filling with goodies to leave on someone's door knob or to dress up your own home with.

We have 3 cats. I know, LOL, I am well on my way to being that "crazy cat lady who lives down the street"! Our oldest, Purdy, is a little over 20 years old! She is getting a little feeble and senile, but we love her anyways. Purdy had gotten a little cranky with the kids, didn't want to play with them, so our daughter begged us for a kitten for her very own. Finally we agreed that it would be nice to have a kitten around for the kids to take care of and love, so we went down to the Animal shelter and let her pick one out...that is how we ended up with Miss Rosie, pictured here with her red collar. She is the sweetest and most polite cat I have ever met. Sweet, gentle, and fat! LOL She definitely likes to eat. She will only eat her Purina Cat chow, and only the unbroken pieces, all the broken ones get daintily tossed out of the dish. Rosie is now about 3 years old. Purdy basically just wants to be left alone to nap and eat ( she is affectionate with my husband and I, but that is about it) so she never really took a liking to Rosie and we were feeling like Rosie was a little lonely and needed another cat to play with. This is where Daisy comes in. I found Daisy at a craft fair, of all places! A gal there was giving away kittens and at the end of the night there was only one kitten left. I went to look at her, she looked me straight in the eyes, climbed up my shirt, and snuggled around my neck under my hair, and started purring very loudly. WELL! needless to say, I had to bring her home with me. Her and Rosie liked each other from day one. They could not be any more different, personality-wise. Daisy is bold and cocky and talks all the time. She loves to play and race around the house, and will eat ANYTHING! She licks people! Yup, she licks people, just like a dog! She will jump up on your lap and lick your face, she will walk by you while you are doing dishes and lick your legs. It is so funny. Here I have captured a picture of Daisy talking to me...isn't she funny?! So now you know a little about the crazy cat lady, Mrs. Kwitty. I would love to see and/or read about your cats. Feel free to share! Have a great day!


Joni said...

Rosie does look like Gus! But I would have to say that Gus' personality is similar to Daisy's. BTW that picture of Daisy is so funny. I didn't know you were a cat lady, crazy yes but not such a kitty lover. LOL.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL!! secret is out! LOL

Autum said...

I have 2 kitties. Mother and daughter. The daughter, Maggie sounds like a combination of Daisy and Rosie. She is sweet and polite but likes to lick you. I am frequently awakened at 3am with sand paper kisses on my nose. I have pictures of my kitties on my blog and on flickr if you want to see. I found you through your beautiful pictures on flickr.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Aw...Maggie sounds so cute! It is nice that you have the mother and the daughter. Thanks for the kind words...I'm going to go look at your pic now :-}

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