Monday, September 04, 2006

Pretty Pink Posies Card Wallet

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is enjoying their last big weekend of the summer. We are having a lazy day around here! LOL Watching movies and lazing around in our comfies all day. I did finish up a few things early this morning-I got up about 3 hours before anyone else here did-and thought I would at least get the pictures posted. I made this cutey little card wallet this morning...don't you just love this fabric?! I had to make another one like this for myself. I have this one listed on Etsy is anyone is interested in having it for their very own self! LOL

I went to a 50th Wedding anniversary bash for my sis-in-law's parents on Saturday night...that was a real good time. It is always interesting to get right in the middle of a family that you don't know! They are all such a nice, caring group of people who love to laugh and really care for each other...a real joy to be around. AND it was a potluck (yeah!) which I love!, and the food was wonderful. Such a great evening. It was held about 10 miles from home, and I saw 3 deer on the way home too...just to put a cherry on the top of the day. One of them was a fawn that still had her spots, so cute! We do see a lot of deer here, but I never get tired of it. They are just so pretty!

Well, I hear that couch calling my name! LOL I'm gonna go watch another movie and then I think we are going to throw some pork chops on the grill and have the rest of the leftover potato salad for dinner. Have a great day everyone!

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