Friday, September 01, 2006

Close up shot of the Tea Party bagkeeper

Not your typical English style tea party...but the kind where the kids have had too much (kool-aid) "tea" and are now running around like nuts! I love these vintage style animated dishes embroideries. This one is hand embroidered, by me, onto white linen. I used colorful repro vintage fabrics to border the embroidery and some red jumbo rick-rack for added pizazz! Here's a great way to get control over all those plastic store bags that are threatening to take over your home! This bag is fully lined with a red cotton fabric, there are no raw edges, and I have added some elastic to both the top and bottom edge. There is a hanging tab sewn to the top edge with a grommet in can be hung either from the grommet by a nail or hook, or there is also a loop below the grommet on the back that you can run a ribbon or string through and hang it by that (if you want to hang it from a door or cupboard knob or a larger size hook that the grommet won't fit over). This is a roomy bag, approx 18" x 9", and is well put together, so it should serve you well for a long time. A nice vintage style addition to your kitchen and another stylish solution to your storage needs. I just listed this in my Etsy swing on by ! Good night!


norththreads said...

Cute stuff, wheres this pattern from? BTW- WOWsers i recieved you BEAUTIFUL bag organizer, and I have to say, its gorgeous! I love it so much & it matches perfectly!! I will post about it tommorrow, i just love your attention to detail- that makes me sooooo happy!! thanks again, I hope you recive your goodies soon!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks Angela! This is from Aunt Martha's...aren't they cute! lol I'm so glad that you like your bagkeeper and that it matches your kitchen so well...THAT makes me happy! I'm gonna pop over to your blog now and have a peek.
Smiles, Karen

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