Tuesday, September 12, 2006


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It's a special day around here today! Our son Joe turns 15. Like I tell everyone who will stop and listen long enough for me to whine to them, I spent 31 hours in labor giving birth to this kid....but it was worth every second of it! He is such a fine person already. He is kind and thoughtful, honest, and generous. He helps me out around the house and doesn't complain about it, ever! I have never heard him speak unkindly about anyone and he is always willing to stand by the side of anyone who needs a friend. We're proud of you honey-Happy Birthday!!


Joni said...

What a looker! No wonder you are so proud of him. 31 hours of labor. Belch!! Did he not want to come out? Joe go give your Mom a kiss, she really deserves it.

pinky said...

Happy Birthday! He's so handsome and he sounds like a wonderful young man. Lucky momma!!

altjoujou said...

Good to know you have such a nice reward for those 31 hrs of labor. LOL! Hope you had a nice day together!
Isn't it a joyride, having teens??? ;)

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