Monday, October 16, 2006

...and the dish ran away with...another couple dishes!

Hello Readers. I was just over on the forums at Etsy and ran across an interesting topic there. They were discussing if and how a person's age might affect their crafts, both in the making of and the selling of. This brings up an interesting question for me, mainly because I am quite a bit older than the majority of sellers on Etsy (I'm old enough to be a Mom to most of them, but shhhhh! don't tell anyone! LOL). It seems the younger ones are worried that people won't have confidence in the quality of their work due to their youth, and the older ones worry that maybe they aren't really hip enough to appeal to the younger crowd. I have to admit that I DID worry about that when I first started looking into joining Etsy. I started looking around the site and found very few things similar to my own...I decided that was a GOOD thing, lol, and opened up my shop anyways. I didn't sell hardly anything the first few months and my insecurity really started to get to me. "Am I too old, are my items too boring, etc". Happily I learned about the need to advertise, the web is a big place and you have to make your presence known or you won't sell anything. Once I started that, things started to look up, it seems the people who like my style are able to find me, thankfully! Now that I have been on Etsy a while, I see that there are a lot more of us more "seasoned" people on may have to look a little deeper, we are really not that obvious, but we are there! As for the younger crowd and the quality of their work, I have found that there are really a lot of very talented young people and they have amazing skill and talent, and a good business head on their shoulders.

Yeah, I love Etsy and the need to create is very strong in both the young and the old and everyone in between.

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