Monday, October 30, 2006

Apples got the Blues

Apples got the Blues
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Hello Readers. Hope all is well with you!! Are you starting to get into the holiday spirit? Time flies so fast once Halloween comes.

I just listed this new bagkeeper....all fruity and blue. Someone was talking to me about doing different color bags, so here is one! In person, this bag is stunning! Really! lol I love that fruit motif fabric that I scored (at a very expensive quilt shop I might add!)--I couldn't help it, the fabric just spoke to me. Anyways, it is really pretty and I think the bag turned out wonderful. If it is talking to you, it can be had at my Etsy shop.

We just found out that Etsy is almost ready to launch it's new, updated version! Yeah! Shopping will be easier, with a shopping cart, and I have perfect confidence that the brilliant minds behind Etsy will NOT disappoint. BUT that means that the site will be down next weekend. I just wanted to spread the word, in case someone goes to shop and finds the site down...don't panic! lol They said that they think they should have it up and running by Monday. I'm so excited!

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Jen said...

Oh bagkeepers... I love them so! I'm kind of glad that Etsy is down this weekend b/c I am bringing my stuff on etsy to the craft show and that way they can't be double-bought!

I tried making some card wallets today, but gee whiz they aren't how they're supposed to look. I'm calling them "Secret Keepers" because who knows what they're for!? And I'll sell them for like.. 3$ each.

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