Friday, October 06, 2006

Black Cherries Card Wallet

Black Cherries Card Wallet
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Hello Readers. I've been in a slump :-(. Does that happen to you? I keep going and trying to get started, but things aren't working right. I know! It will pass, but it gets so frustrating. Plus, I haven't sold anything for a couple days, and that is a bummer. There, I feel a little better just from whining about it! lol I did manage to get these little cherry wallets done, which are pretty cute-- I made 6 of them, and 3 of them turned out crooked!. See what I mean! lol OK, the cup is half FULL- 3 of them DIDN'T turn out crooked. I finally decided to just take the day off from crafting and go check out our new Michael's store. The old one closed and they relocated and opened a bigger, better store. I had my 40% off coupon and went shopping! Yah! I ended up buying a set of Christmas rubber stamps. I figured it was something that I should get a lot of use out of...and my daughter likes to stamp too. I am thinking that we will have a girl's night and make up our holiday gift tags, that should be fun. Well, thanks for letting me whine a bit, I do feel better. I think I will go and read some blogs, that usually tends to inspire me! I have some very talented blog friends!! Yeah! Bye.


Joni said...

I think that Black Cherry Wallet is super cute Karen. It is my favorite that you have done so far! Crooked? Nahhh- readjust those silly glasses my friend! LOL.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL! thanks for cheering me up Joni!

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