Friday, October 20, 2006

Cranberry Woodland Angel

Cranberry Woodland Angel
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Hello Readers. Well, I guess it is time. I've decided to start listing my Christmas items, gulp! I did a craft fair last weekend and my friend, who I share a booth with, sold a crapload of Christmas stuff....and I didn't even have mine with! Waahhhh. I guess that the organized and intelligent people start their Christmas shopping now so they can actually enjoy December and the season, lol. So! I'm going to start adding the Christmas ornaments and such little by little to my Etsy shop...pop in now and then and see what is new. Today I put up these little Woodland Angels. Isn't she cute?! My hubby is a tree guy (a professional squirrel I always say, lol) and he brought me home some nice pieces of birchbark that came from a tree he had to take down. I used some of it to make the wings on these little wooden angels. She has an acorn cap for a halo and is hand painted and sprayed with a coat of polyeurethane (prior to adding the wings and halo). She stands about 2-1/2" tall and has a string for hanging. I also made some that are sage green instead of this cranberry color. Stop in to the Etsy shop and have a peek!


altjoujou said...

That is SO CUTE!! I love the wings. And the face. Great job!
Hey, you're not the only glutton for punishment... waiting till Christmas to get ready for Christmas and all that. Sheesh! You'd think I'd wise up after all these years.
Hope yours will be good! :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks altjoujou!! Yes, we must pray for wisdom! lol Hope yours is good too.
Smiles, Karen

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