Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ho-Ho-Homestyle Santa Ornament

SEE! I told you Christmas is just around the corner, lol. Guess who is watching you, to see if you are naughty or nice! This little felt Santa is just so cute hanging on your tree, he is flat enough to enclose in a Christmas card (though you may have to remove the little bell on his hat first if it is going through the mail), and I like to use little ornament on top of gifts, they really add a cute WOW factor to your gift! This one is my own design and is completely hand stitched by little old me. I will be adding Christmas ornaments and gifts, probably every day, so keep checking in on the Etsy shop. I don't have time to put each one in my blog, so there is a lot there that you don't see here!! Thanks for stopping in...I better get back to work. Smiles!

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