Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Little Birdy Needlebook

Little Birdy Needlebook
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Hello Readers! Hope your day is going great! We are having a nice, cooler day...I do believe that there is a hint of fall in the air! I've been busy getting ready for the school year. Linds and I went shopping for school supplies yesterday. I just LOVE school supplies, the smell of a pencil as you sharpen it for the first time, a fresh notebook just aching to be written in, crisp new folders just waiting for you to decide what will go in them so you can make them a pretty, neat label with your new markers! Yeah! I am feeling a little nostalgic this year. We only live about 3 blocks, as the crow flies, from the elementary/middle school that my kids go to. All you have to do is walk down one block, take a trail through the park, across the bridge over the river, down another little trail, go up some stairs, cross the street, and you are at the school. Every school morning for the last 7 years I have watched my kids head off down the sidewalk together, chatting happily, with their little backpacks on their back. Well, now this year Joe will be going to High School so he will be heading down the other way to catch a bus, and I guess that I will walk with Linds over to the park. Time just goes by so swiftly and I miss my little babies! Sorry, I told you I was feeling nostalgic, sniff.

Enough of that before I start crying over here!! LOL I have at least been pretty productive craftwise since I cleaned my craftroom! I finished another bagkeeper that I need to get listed in my Etsy shop. I have also made a few of these little needlebooks like the one pictured above. This is the only one I have photographed so far. Isn't it cute! I was in the forums at Etsy the other day and a customer wrote a post with some good tips on what a buyer looks for while shopping, and happened to mention that a shop's avatar should reflect what the person does (craftwise) I have changed my avatar to a pic of this needlebook! What do you think? I got a few more card wallets done and also worked on some new hang tags! Yeah! Now I just need to get to work on taking and editting the pics, which is my least favorite part of it all. I'm not that great of a photographer and so the editting takes so much time...and even then a lot of the pics still don't look that great. BUT, I am better than I used to be, so I guess that practice makes perfect and I will just keep on working on it.

Ok, enough babbling! I should go and take some pics and get some of my new things listed....they can't sell just sitting here, right?! Please swing by my Etsy shop and see what's new...heck, you could even buy something if the mood strikes you! LOL Have a great day and go and get yourself a new notebook and a pack of markers...they are really cheap right now!

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autumn8823 said...

I had a bit of a back to school crying jag this week too. This is the first year my baby is big enough to walk to school by herself. I fought it this week, but next week I have to let my baby take the long quarter mile trek to school all on her own. (actually, in a group of about 5 other girls) I will probably make Daddy follow her in the car :)

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