Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gift Collage and another silly keychain

Hello again! Today we had an after the wedding shower for a good friend. They had gotten married in a real quiet ceremony back in February, and they are throwing a big outdoor shindig in July down on the the sisters threw her a shower today! I presented her with a gift of a scrapbook of her wedding day back in February, but for a little surprise today I made up this cute little collage for them to hang in their home which features a picture of them smooching. She really liked it. Thought I would share it with y'all. I'm also showing a pic of the latest keychain...the Etsy fan keychain...oh yeah, he's a big fan! LOL The keychains are great for getting people to talk about Etsy...I have one that I put a lanyard hook on and hang it from my purse. I get more people ask me what Etsy is...and then I get to blab a little and hand out my card. Works pretty slick! The keychain has been listed on Etsy if anyone is interested. Thanks for stopping by!

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