Thursday, June 01, 2006

Summertime....Flowers and Lightning

I had the urge to work on a quick and colorful project...something summery. This is what I ended up with. I think it turned out nice, but I do have a thing for hydrangeas... AND lightning, so I may be slightly biased in my opinion, LOL. This pillow is up for sale, you can find it on my Etsy shop. Swing by any time and check it out!

Say, does anyone else have a hard time uploading pictures to Blogger or is it just me? I do have dial-up and my machine is not the fastest around, but really!! It takes at least 8 minutes, and half the time I end up on an error page and have to start all over again. It is so frustrating! I have a blog on AOL too and it only takes, at the most, 2 minutes for a picture. But, I can't be on the cool Etsy Blog Ring on AOL, so I have to put up with this slow crap. Is there some trick to this that I don't know about? Please, I am really pretty new to all this blog stuff, so if anyone can offer a suggestion, it would be well appreciated.

One more brilliant daughter was awarded 2...count 'em....2 awards at school yesterday! We are so proud of her. She always works so hard at her schoolwork and is a very dedicated student, plus she goes out of her way to help others too. She got one award for scholastic excellence and one for her upstanding character! Oh Yeah...who's the best Mom in the world? LOL Who's the best kid?!! I would add a picture of her, but I don't have enough time! I think I'll attempt to open a new post and add a pic...we will see.


pinky said...

I love the combination of this pillow! It's perfect. Living here in the South, that's what you get: a yard full of flowers dosed by an afternoon thunderstorm. Simply fantastic.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks Pinky! What part of the south are you in?

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