Thursday, August 03, 2006

Count Your Blessings Birdy

Count Your Blessings Birdy
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I really needed this little reminder to count my blessings this morning! I was down crafting in my craftroom and I kept smelling this musty smell. I did a little investigating and found the culprit. When we had all that torrential rain last week, we ended up with water in the basement. Not a whole lot, but a few little rivers here and there. I mopped it up and forgot about it. Not so fast Karen! LOL I have these heavy rubber mats on the floor over by my cutting table and sewing machine and the water had gotten underneath them and hadn't dried up. PEW! So I had to move all the stuff and I'm going to have to get someone big and strong (Honey....!) to help me get them out of there. Such a bummer, and a bad smell too. I'm glad that I keep all my fabrics in plastic totes or that smell might have gotten them too.
I just finished making these little collage magnets. I made 4 different ones, and they all have little birds on them. This one I have listed on Etsy so far. I will be listing more in a couple days. It is fun to switch off from sewing for a day or two and do a little collage or paper craft. I do get bored easily and have to switch things up a little. I think they turned out pretty cute...but, you know I have a thing for birds!
I have a brother, Darrel, who lives down near the cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) who we are going to go visit this weekend. I am really looking forward to it! We are going with another of my brothers and his wife and kids. We are going to caravan there and hook up with my stepDad, whom we haven't seen for at least 6 months. Should be a great time. They have bought a new house and I this is my chance to finally see it. Any orders from my Etsy shop will be handled on Monday morning, first thing, so if there was something that you wanted, go ahead and order it and I will get to it then. Have a great weekend everyone.


tchrosesAhna said...

Off the topic:

Hi... read a post of yours from back in April.... WOW, other people being followed by 1's and 3's. The number one is supossed to mean an Angel is telling you "good job" or "you're on the right track". At least that's how it is for me. See of its true for you.


pinky said...

I hate it when water sneaks in. My dad always says that water is the enemy of a house! He seems to be right about that.

It seems like you are going to be busy, but it sounds like fun! Be careful, take pictures and let us know what a grand time you had!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks for your comments gals! I really like that about the angels Ahna! I have had many occasions in my life when my angels have been apparent to me so I think you may be right.
And Pinky, I think your Dad is 100% right! Luckily we don't have much of a problem, but we had some SERIOUS rain for an extended period of time. I am looking forward to the trip and already have my camera packed! Will post some pics when I return (right after I mail your wallet! :-})

Smiles!! Karen

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