Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pretty Pink Punchcup Pincushion

A new pincushion
Originally uploaded by misseskwittys.
I had to do another of the pincushions in the cup..... I just think they are so cute! This one is in pink and brown and I added a little beaded detail to the petals this time too.

Just got back from the cabin, had a great time! It was such a full weekend that it felt like I was gone for a whole week instead of just 3 days! LOL I posted a couple pictures from the weekend on my Flickr site...one of my niece on the cabin swing and one of my great nephew going for his first lake swim. They are so cute and growing so fast! Austin actually fell into the water while attempting to walk backwards, went all the way under, and then popped back up and was floating on his back (because he was wearing a life jacket) that pretty much freaked him out and he was scared for a bit, but then he wanted to go back in a little later! We'll turn him into a little fish just like the rest of the kids before long! LOL
Well, I'm still trying to catch up around here so I am going to make this short. Please stop by my Etsy shop and see what is new there and I invite you to swing by and visit my Flickr site too, there are lots more pictures there than I have time to load here. Have a great day!!


norththreads said...

How lovely, is this in a cup?

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hi Ang, thanks! Yes, it is in a pretty little glass cup from a punch set...I also added a brown and pink polka dot grosgrain ribbon to the inside of the cup so that it shows through.

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