Monday, August 14, 2006

The top of the Purple Parfait pincushion

Hello! Well, here is that little item I was talking about (the one that wasn't really working out). I was right to leave it be. I went down this morning and it all just fell into place. It is a pincushion that I built into a darling little polka dotted punch cup that I found on one of my many little treasure hunts. I decided to make it look like a parfait from the side, because you can see through the glass and it needed to look purdy! lol I am really pleased with the way this one turned out! If you click on the picture it will take you to my Flickr site and you can see the pincushion from the side. Or, of course, you can always go to my Etsy shop and see 4 pics of it, and buy it if you would like.

I did another feature piece on the Yahoo blog...this one is about Angela from Norththreads. She does a very lovely variety of crafts that all have that old fashioned charm, and her work is just beautiful! Go and check out the blog and make sure you click all the links so you can see all her great stuff!

1 comment:

pinky said...

What a pretty piece! Sometimes it is best to just walk away and then when you come back it just clicks! Glad it worked for you!

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