Thursday, August 17, 2006

Whimsy 2

Whimsy 2
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OK, so it's just 1 whimsy! LOL I uploaded a fuzzy pic on Flickr and had to redo it, hence the Whimsy 2. I just listed this little cutey magnet...she is just taking a little joy ride in her party hat! This can be found in my Etsy shop...swing on by when you have the time.

Lots going on here this week. My Godmother, one of the best women that God has ever put on this earth, was found to have ovarian cancer. They just did surgery on her on Tuesday, and it looks pretty good so far. She always has a problem with the meds and coming off of the drugs after surgery, so she is feeling pretty ill. I would like to ask for prayer for her and her family as they go through this hard time. Thanks so much!!

Guess what else? Birthday time for old (and I mean old! lol) me! I'm turning 45 this weekend and we are having a big get together at our cabin to celebrate. Should be a lot of fun. Got my 3 brothers and their families coming for sure...and then various in-laws will be popping in too! Eating and drinking and swimming and fishing and boating and etc.!! Yeah! So just a fair warning, if anyone orders from my Etsy shop, I will not be getting back to my computer until Monday. I should be able to get the orders and pack them up and get them in the mail by Monday afternoon, or Tuesday morning at the latest. Thanks so much. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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