Friday, August 25, 2006

So how's things today? It's pretty close to my bedtime, but I thought I would pop in with a couple thoughts for the day. I need to clean my craft room! It has gotten to the point where I really can't start anything new until I do, which is terrible and I am ashamed of myself, LOL. It's just a matter of putting things away so I really need to quit stalling and just get on it...maybe in the morning. I have worked up a few new little fun magnets that are pictured here....I had all the paper stuff all piled up on my table so I was able to do that at least! I have been working on a couple embroideries too in the evenings...I would like to get a couple new bagkeepers listed soon, as those seem to be my best seller lately. I really hate to say it, but it is getting close to Christmas and I need to get switched over here and start working on things. The craft fairs will be starting at the end of next month and I don't want to be scrambling around and working like a nut then! OK, I guess I'm just babbling away so I should probably get to bed. Take care and blessings to you!!!


pinky said...

I love the butterfly magnet! Very fun and a little dark. I know what you mean about getting it together for the holidays, it's coming up quick.

I can't wait to see what new pretties you will be making. I love the car trash bag in toile. I SOOOOOOOOO need one of those!!

norththreads said...

More sweet stuff you busy girl. I did a post about your other site a few days ago for ya! I have a few more projects & then Im over to Christmas goodies soon too. PS- Still putting a package together for ya, my copier was down, but IM getting organized now I think(ya

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