Saturday, July 14, 2007

8 Random Things

Our friend, Amy, from Abundant Curiousities, has tagged me with one of those 8 Random Things thingees! I have a hard time with these, as I think you guys already know way more about me than you care to know! LOL So, anyways, here goes nothing...

1) I can fix most things. My Dad was a fix-it kinda guy and taught all us kids to fix stuff. I can fix a toilet or a sink faucet, re-do an electrical outlet, fix a lawnmower, etc. In fact, I will often just take things apart, when they are broken, and fiddle around with it, and usually will end up fixing it! OK--this does NOT include computer stuff! (unfortunately!)

Funny Picture of my Dad

2) I love to fish. I keep a fishing pole in the trunk of my car all year around, just in case an occasion pops up.

Here's my Dad, my little niece, and I after fishing one day.

3) I have hated canteloupe my whole life--I couldn't even stand to have someone eating it near me because the smell would turn my stomach. Now, in the last 6 months, I all of a sudden LOVE it. Yup, I eat it almost every day. Weird huh?

4) I have really scattered musical tastes--and listen to a wide variety of stuff. A while back Jenn asked me what I listen to while crafting (because I had mentioned that I like to listen to loud music and sing along while I craft)--and I kept meaning to jot it down and reply, but I kept spacing it! So I just went and checked (I have one of those 6-pack cd stereos, so this is what is in my 6-pack right now)

***Susan Tedeschi, Hope &Desire (excellent!!!) I love her. I almost always have one of her CD's in the 6 pack (I have 3 different ones!)

***James Taylors Greatest Hits- I just got this about a week ago, it's very good and mellow. He has a really good blues song on there, "Steamroller", that totally kicks butt!

***Audioslave-this one will definitely wake you up! Chris Cornell has one of the best male voices EVER.

***Everlast, Eat at Whitey's--really good mixture of pop, blues, and rap--hard to explain, but it's really good and I'd recommend it for sure!

***John Mayer, Continuum--great! His song "Gravity" is soooo good! Even though I do find it amusing that a young man is singing that, it sounds like it is better suited for a middle aged woman! lol

***Paul Simon, Negotiations and Love Songs--OK--who doesn't love Paul Simon, and this one has all the good songs on it!

5) Even though I have been crafting for a long time--half the time I am still amazed that things turn out when I design a pattern for them! I used to do a lot of dolls, animal and people dolls--and even though I can't draw worth a carp, I would start off with one of my odd drawings and start cutting fabric--and end up with this cutey doll! Shocking! I quit making dolls because there is really no market for them around here--I would bring them to the craft fairs and people loved them, but wouldn't pay for them. They are so time consuming but you can't get paid at all for your time, sadly, so I had to quit and move on to things that were quicker to make. Now that I found Etsy--I may have to go back to them....hmmmm...

One of the Baby Dolls I've made

6) I can't sleep enough!! LOL I snore. I toss and turn a lot and get that restless leg thing. I grind my teeth. I used to have terrible insomnia, but I seem to be better, now that menopause has hit. I have to have fans blowing on me or I won't sleep (I need that white noise and the moving air).

7) I was once in a boat with my exBIL and SIL and their 2 kids, on a really windy day and the lake was all choppy. Another boat came whipping by us and between the choppy waves and the wake the other boat left, our boat capsized. The boat went under water and popped up about 15-20 yards from where we went down. Everyone was in full clothing, as it was a cool fall day. I looked for the kids first thing and saw that they both were in a panic and flailing around--and I grabbed the one that was closest to me and swam her over to the upside down boat and told her to hang on. I then looked and saw that my BIL was trying to keep both his wife and his other daughter above water, and they were both in a full fledge panic! They were grabbing him and almost drowning him too. So, I had to swim back to where they were and they both started clutching at me too! I finally got their other daughter from the back, with my arm around the top of her shoulders, and after much struggling, got her swam over to the boat too. Luckily, at that point, another boater realized what had happened and came by to pick us up. A close call!

8) I get really freaked out sometimes about how fast time goes by--it just seems so crazy!

Well, there you go, how random can you get?? LOL I really can't think of anyone that I know that hasn't been tagged yet (and it gets hard after a while to think of things! lol) BUT, if you want to, please go ahead and write one up!! Let me know so I can go and read it. Bye.


Jenn Maruska said...

What an interesting post!

I keep "Graceland" close by the cd player in my studio : )

Amy said...

Wow! A great list.
I too toss and turn all night and grind my teeth.
I wear a bite guard at night. Kind of like football/hockey players wear. I find it is a good diet tool....when I wear it during the day I can't eat while it's in my mouth!!!!!
I am a stomach sleeper and I turn completely over and end up on my stomach again...probably in the exact spot. This happens over and over and...
I would hate to see myself on one of those sleep study tapes.

norththreads said...

Oh my.......Im completely blown away by my cover, its soooooooo fab!!!! I cant believe you sent it to me without telling me. I feel so behind! Im so behind with VBS and family visits, that i havent had time for any crafting! Im going to explode!LOL.
Thats so funny I grind my teeth too, but my husband is all about the fan thing!!! So if you can wait a little longer for your clipboard, i'll be on it! Otherwise I want to pay you-let me know, its so lovely! How sweet! Everyone will be gaga over it at my study!LOL

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks Jenn--yeah Paul Simon!!

Thanks Amy! I have one of those bite guards too--hadn't thought of the diet thing though, lol!! Good idea!

Thanks Ang!! I'm very happy that you like it!! :-D

Steph said...

What a great list! I love Paul Simon, but as you said - how can you resist him?
You saved several people from drowning! Amazing!

iSew said...

Wow, misses kwitty, what a great list. I love James Taylor and John Mayer too. I usually have dvd's playing in the background when I sew, I love movies.


You're just awesome! Abundantly talented AND a hero!! Woo Hoo!! You go, girl! said...

Wow, you are a hero!!!

I LOVE THESE LISTS. I am so glad that there are more coming around, I was so addicted to reading the "wierd things" lists a while back.

Bonny said...

I love these lists - it's always amazes me how much people have in common and the little personal quirks! Great pic of your Dad!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Cool list! I love all kinds of music, too! Audioslave is AWESOME! I think some day we should all do a post of what kind of music we listened to when we were single gals! lol I had to tone down my love for 80's British pop when I married hubby... it drove him nuts! lol

Thank you for your sweet note on my blog today! =)

Lucy said...

Wow--that's and amazing boat story!!!! Thank goodness everyone was okay, you seem to have a cool head on your shoulders in face of a crisis, that's for sure.

I love the variety in your 6d changer!! I've never heard of the Susan (forgot the last name) one you mentioned. What type of music is that? I love James Taylor, too. I had his greatest hits on tape..LOL...and wore it out way back when. I agree on Chris Cornell, I've loved him since his previous band, I think it was Soundgarden?? My memory is going on me but anyway, love those alternative rockers..LOL I used to run a music store (my first job out of college) and it was there I learned an appreciation for all types of music, whether it be new age, classical, country, jazz, hard rock, what have you. They all have a role in the world, if you open yourself up to it, you can hear so much beauty and energy in it all!


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