Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back in Happytown

Hi, I'm happy to tell you that my embarrassing little gloominess is past--and I think that my whininess is too! LOL Thanks for all the hugs and kind words--you gals are the best!

We actually had a weekend with no parties! Yeah! I love going to them and visiting with everyone, but it has been really nice to be home this weekend. Yesterday we rented movies and made brownies and popcorn and lazed around! NICE.

The kids are both home for a few days anyways and I am getting some help taking care of Misty--so that is nice too. She is finally starting to feel better and is getting around a little easier with less pain.

I had the best best best score at Yesterday's Treasures on Friday! I walked in the door and she was sitting there with a big twinkle in her eye "Karennnnn.......I've been waiting for you........" (man, I love it when she says that!!) Then she brings me over to HER behind-the-counter- chair and tells me that I better sit down! lol She pulls a box over in front of me and opens the top.... A box full of vintage trim and laces! Oh my, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I dug around in there and ended up with a pretty good pile of vintage goodies!! So, I'll be using some in my new crafts, and keep an eye on my shop as I package some up for general sale so others can enjoy crafting with them too.
I was able to get downstairs and work on some new things too! Here is a new Pink is Ducky Goody Bag that I put together. Isn't that fabric cute--repro feedsack in that pretty pink and covered with little ducks! I love it. (Notice the cute laces and trims! these are from that bunch I was talking about!) This is listed in my Etsy shop.

I also made this cute new drawstring bag--the bottom is linen that I recycled from a vintage tablecloth. I really like this soft color palette.

And, last but not least--I've made this little brooch. I call it the Goodness brooch because it's got all the good stuff that I love--yoyo, hand crocheted doily, and a beautiful vintage button!


Heidijayhawk said...

karen...your kuck at that store is unbelievable. i nedd to find me a gal who will hold back all of the best stuff!!! the bags are sarling. on my way over to etsy to check it all out!! way to go!

Amy Wagner said...

How lucky to have a friend to watch for the goodies you seek!!!
Your lastest bags are very awesome indeed.

Did you read my post about my yo-yo quilt? I am going back to check if you left a comment which case I just had a brain skip!

LazyTcrochet said...

Wow you amaze me with what you can do with fabric, buttons and goodies! The ducky bag and tags are so pretty! said...

I used to to have a person that would hold bags of broken jewelry aside for me, but that store is now gone. I really miss it. Those things can be hard to find!

Glad you are feeling better. Have fun with your new pretties!

Joni said...

Hey I think it was the brownies and movies that made you feel better! LOL. Would make me feel fine! Boy you sure have a great friend looking out for you there. Do you have to pace yourself?

iSew said...

oh my gosh Karen, I love it all! Luckeeee

Dinah said...

How great to have a merchant friend watching out for goodies for you! And the bags you've made, the pin, all of it, are just so cute!

Amy Wagner said...

About my yo-yo quilt...
It's in the posts from July 14th. It's titled Generations stitched together.

Look for the pictures!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

You have really lovely work - Thank you for sharing. Sara x

Kim Bates-owner said...

Don't you just LOVE these fab finds!!! I know exactly how you feel! It's better than Christmas! Thanks for your kind words on my blog and Flickr! You are an inspiration!

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