Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Catching Up

We had another family picnic on Saturday, this one was in honor of my cousin's son, Jim, who is being shipped off to Iraq soon. He's such a gentle person, I am a little worried about him--please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

My cousin's daughter was there too, with her brand new baby boy!! Only one week old (he was born on 7-7-07!) weighing in at a whopping 5lb 3 oz. --people, I've made meatloaves bigger than that!!!! Oooh, I love babies, and he sure is a cutie--I think she was starting to get a little worried that I wasn't going to give him back!! LOL Dumb me forgot the camera again. I'll have to see if someone can send me a picture.

Yesterday we went and picked up my step-daughter (21) from the hospital--she had broken her ankle in 2 places and torn some ligaments--which required surgery. Poor sweety! So, I have a gimpy in the house to take care of for the next month or so. It's interesting, she has a walker and we have a pretty full house, lol, so I've been walking in front of her moving furniture and stuff as we go! Looks like I'm in for some major re-arranging today.

I've gotten a few new things listed in my shop the last few days. Check out this lovely purse I made from some really pretty HEAVY linen I scored at my fav antique shop--
And I got a special order from one of my Flickr friends who wanted a new pouch for her cell phone, so I whipped up a couple different ones for her to choose from--I listed the ones she didn't choose in my Etsy shop
Then! Last, but not least, I did up a girly baseball hat. This one has been sold already, but I think I'll do more. As I was sitting at the picnic on Saturday, I was being blinded half the time by the sun, even though I had my shades on--and I looked over at my brother in his baseball cap, sitting over there all un-blinded and everything and a little lightbulb went off in my head (yup--just like in the cartoons!). Girls need caps. Not ugly beer caps or car caps. CUTE caps!! So I did one up in true Mrs. Kwitty style. What do you think???


Amy said...

Great sewing projects!

I had BIG babies, all three!!! When my husband and I see tiny babies we always comment, "That one needs to be put back in for awhile to finish growing!"

Joni said...

You have been quite busy and now a gimpy in the house! Well put her to work, she can embroider while she sits and heals. LOL. Just teasing. You have really been putting out some super cute stuff lately Karen. Kudos to you!

Bonny said...

Sounds like you had a busy few days (and it's not over yet!) Love the new items - they are really fun and great fabric choices!

iSew said...

I think the hat's very cute Misses Kwitty.
I'm the same way. The other day I was walking up the stairs and noticed the pile of things waiting to be carried up. The lightbulb went on & I thought, "maybe I could make one of those baskets for the stairs, but with fabric....with our names on them...hmmmm" lol

Heidijayhawk said...

i adore the cell phone holders!!!!

Jenn Maruska said...

Wow - you've got alot on your plate these days!

Love the hat - in perfect Mrs. Kwitty colors! : )

(I mailed your contest goodies out on Saturday - hope you receive them soon and there are things in there you can use : )

Danielle said...

Just stumbled across your site and I have to say the colors are divine! I was actually looking at some teapot items on etsy earlier and saw your embroidery- but I didn't know it was yours until I saw the picture in your mini etsy! Anyway, its all lovely...

Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL--funny Amy! He was a little over a month early and could have stood to be put back until finished growing!

Thanks Joni--hmmmm...that's not a bad idea! lol

Thanks a lot Bonny!! :-)

Thanks iSew-- you know what, your light bulb just made my light bulb pop up! Hmmmm...stair baskets with names....I like it!!!

Thanks heidijayhawk! :-)

Thanks Jenn!! Smiles!

Thanks Danielle, I'm glad you stopped by! :-)

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