Thursday, July 19, 2007

Whining: good for the soul.

Oh man, I am down in the dumps today. My legs hurt. I feel fat. I feel invisible. I'm an invisible fat person with bad legs! LOL I've even made a "blue" treasury on Etsy--but hardly anyone is looking at it. I think it is invisible too (hmmm--I wonder if it feels fat?)

There, I feel a little better! Please enjoy my cheerful little bluebird--she's bringing a pretty little balloon to her friends party.


Amy Wagner said...

I have days like that too!


PS -I like your bluebird

Jenn Maruska said...

I like your bluebird, too!

And the "cry me a river" earrings in your list.

Sorry you're feeling down.

Tomorrow is a new day : )

Heidijayhawk said...

i'm with you. an occasional whine is good for the soul! keep your head up babe!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks for the sympathy and the encouragement girls--you are all so sweet! I am a little embarrassed today now that I read that back--I actually was trying to make fun of myself a little, but it really doesn't read that way! But, like Jenn said, today is a new day and I feel much happier! Yeah! Have a great weekend and ((HUGS)) to you all!
Smiles, Karen

Dinah said...

Look at how that smiling disposition keeps coming through, even on a kinda' bad day.

p.s. I am NOT jealous that you won Jenn's birthday package.

p.s. I am NOT NOT NOT jealous that you won Jenn's birthday package.

p.s. NO I AM NOT !!!!!

Bonny said...

*hugs* - so sorry you're feeling down today but no worries - those days tend to be few and far between (thankfully!) so keep your chin up and feel better :)

iSew said...

Aww misses kwitty, I missed your treasury. Hope you're not so blue anymore.

You should be glad, your shop has some of the cutest things on Etsy!

picperfic said... IS good to let off steam...I hate hurting legs but I have found that walking seems to cure mine after sitting too long at the laptop or sewing machine??!! ;^)

She'sSewPretty said...

oh sent the I'm feeling fat and my legs hurt bug to me! LOL I deleted all the pics of me from our vacation because my legs ARE fat!

kimberly sherrod said...

sometimes I miss being young and pretty-and thin! when I go shopping no one looks at me anymore. I told my husband I feel like a ghost. I just walk through places and no one ever says hi or anything...what a drag, it is, getting's ok to feel blue, otherwise red and yellow would have all the fun!

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