Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is One coaster weird??

Oh yeah, we are getting a break in the weather--the temps are still a little high for my taste, but the humidity is at a tolerable 50% instead of 95% like it was a few days ago! I feel like doing the cha-cha! lol

Let's see, not too much new around here. I've been fiddling around with trying to get/keep my craft room organized. I have a pile of de-stash stuff that I'll be listing here and there in my Etsy shop.

Jenn had asked me how I could part with some of the stuff I'm de-stashing--and let me tell you, it's not easy! I think that we, as creators of many things, tend to save things more than most people might--because there really IS a good chance that we will use it for something. That, and being a thrifter/antique store junkie *grin* , I have amassed a rather astonishing amount of really cool stuff. Then, when my Mom passed away (God bless her), I ended up with all of her stuff--and she was even worse than I about saving and thrifting!

So, I am in a position now where I can't possibly use it all, even if I live to be 200 years old! LOL I HAVE to sell some of it or drown in it. I really like to put the kits together, because I still get to make stuff with it AND I destash at the same time--win, win! Here are the destash items and kits that I have available right now in my Etsy shop.

I had an idea to work on some coasters for my shop. I set out to do a cute bird on polka dots--I wanted to do a set of 2 that are the same design, but using a little variation on the coloring. So I did and got my first set made. Then, doing the final ironing, my iron decided to throw up on one of them! ARRGH! I was so darn mad! So, what do we think about listing SINGLE coasters?? lol So anyways, I decided that selling one coaster at a time may be a very good idea. How about just having one for your desk at work? Or one by your computer? Or by your favorite chair? Bedside table? See what I mean?! lol

Here is the one bird coaster that I did make--and it sold right away (so I guess at least some people like to have only one!).
Then this morning I did up a pretty little Shabby Chic one with some vintage chenille and a pretty roses fabric--with a little bit of vintage pink/gold rick rack of course! I really love this one! And doesn't it look pretty with my pretty Birthday teacup sitting on it?!! This one is listed in my Etsy shop!


Lucy said...

I think it's a great idea to sell one of a kind coasters, because like you said, a lot of people (meaning use just one here and there at your desk, by the computer-etc. Yours are beautiful.

And Clap, clap, clap on the destashing!! I know it's hard to get rid of things because of the what if I need to use it someday, but after awhile too many things clutter our creativity, too. It's a huge catch 22, isn't it?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


Joni said...

What? You puked on it? What??

Krazy Kate Designs said...

Incredible coasters! I can't wait to see what else you list in destash too. I love vintage!

Heidijayhawk said...

i think one coaster is fine as well!! i only use ine with my coffee and it seems to always be the same one anyway!!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks lucy!
I agree about the catch 22 thing! I am to the point where I feel like I spend way too much time organizing and that is NOT good.
(It is still hard for me to get rid of my Mom's stuff though, I still feel her hand on a lot of it. I'm sure that will pass eventually.)
At least I'm making a little bit of an effort here! lol
Smiles, Karen

Mrs.Kwitty said...

ROFL Joni!! Thanks for making me spit coffee all over!
Whew! Karen

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hey KrazyKate--glad you stopped by. I see you have a bunch of vintage goodies in your shop--had to give you a heart so I remember to stop back!!

Thanks heidijayhawk--I'm the same way. Thanks for the feedback!

Joni said...

LOL I just hate that when it happens Karen. Gripes me to pieces.

She'sSewPretty said...

I love that shabby chic little coaster. Destashing is a great idea and I am going to do that soon too. My hubby is starting to complain about the piles that are multiplying around here.

iSew said...

Very cute indeed. I'd have probably bought the birdy one too if I didn't have 96 coasters already. I should have a party so I can use them. Glad to hear it's cooled off a bit. It's downright dismal here in the mornings these days. I needed a sweater to walk to the farmer's market yesterday.

Dinah said...

The coasters are so pretty Karen, and I know I can always use just one - on my desk, by my bed, at the sewing table, etc. I love your creativity on these too.

treasurefield said...

Love your coasters!!!
I think one special coaster is a great idea, especially for your one special, favorite cup. Or for people who live alone.
You're so clever!!

pinkmilk said...

I love the spotty bird coaster!

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