Monday, July 30, 2007

Views from the Craftroom

Soooo--instead of crafting, I thought I would share some pics of my craft room with you. I don't know why, but it just seemed more fun than sewing! lol I'll show a couple of the ways I have for keeping organized. That seems to be a big one with us crafty types. We have a lot of supplies and usually a limited amount of space. It's nice to have things accessible and not all stuck into tote boxes too, which gets to be a bit of a pain in the rump!

So first off--I recently HAD to do something with my ribbon! It was crazy. I had it all in a tote and it was unwinding and I couldn't ever find the color/size that I wanted. So this is what I did:

I had a dresser that was in Lindsey's room that she outgrew. It was perfect for her baby clothes as it has 2 columns of 7 smaller (18" x 22") drawers. We got her a larger--more MATURE, lol--dresser and I scarfed up that luscious drawered unit for my craft room! Yeah! One of the drawers is now home to my larger ribbon spools. They can all stand on edge and I can see at a glance what is in there! I partitioned off the drawer with low flat boxes (you know, the kind that the Pot of Gold Hershey's candy comes in--which, for some reason I seem to have a LOT of!) so the spools don't run into each other. I also have a little SHARP pair of scissors who "live" in that drawer so I can usually just reach in an cut off as much ribbon as I need. Yeah!

I also found this awesome vintage hinged tin box that is the perfect size to hold spools of ribbon--this is the home of my 1/8" ribbon. I stood all of the spools up on end and pulled a little bit out and closed the lid. Now I just have to pull off as much as I need--easy, peasy.

Here's another nifty little idea that I had. For Mother's Day I asked Joe for one of those nice, big silverware dividers--cuz' I wanted a way to store my stamps and punches. I have a little 2-shelf bookcase unit (vintage of course!) on my crafting table and I just lifted it up off the table a bit with those wood slats that you can see there--and now that silverware thing slides right underneath the bookcase--tucked out of sight! ( It is shown here pulled out so you could get the idea--but it slides totally under the bookcase when I don't need it!)

And it is the perfect organizer for all those little things that get so jumbled up in a box or drawer!!

Well, that's enough for one day. Is this interesting to any of you?? Or BORING!! lol Let me know. If you want, I will share some more in a later posting. Happy Crafting!


autum said...

Very interesting! I love new organizing ideas and you have some good ones. Thanks!!

Jenn Maruska said...

Am I the only one who gets all giggly and excited when someone mentions organizing craft supplies?!?

Love it!!!

Your ribbons....oh, I wish mine were that organized. Right now they're in a see-thru plastic bin.... but if I buy any more I'll have to figure out a new solution. I really like your drawer idea - and to be able to see it all at a glance... heaven!

Can I ask what you do with the bits of ribbon that don't have their own spool? I have some of that and it's either in a bag or I bought a few of those little plastic organizers that have compartments and a lid... that's the best idea I've had so far. Any other suggestions?

Of course I'd love to see more of your craft room! : )

ShabbyInTheCity said...

You're gonna kill me! I saw that red plaid tin at a 'free' sale yesterday and I didn't pick it up...well you got the job done anyway, huh?

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks autum!

LOL Jenn--no, you're not the only one :-)
I'll do a few more of these craft room posts and show you what I do with the smaller, unspooled ribbons too. Now go get busy on those darling little critters of yours!

Shabby!! how could you pass that up?? I'd love to have another one. I have a matching tin picnic basket and an ice cooler too. Love that red!!

KJ said...

As a paper crafter who loves ribbon, it is heartwarming to see your spools of ribbon, and drawers of gadgets and stamps and so forth! I don't think any crafter can look at these photos and not connect immediately. I just moved, so everything is pretty organized right now. All I need to do is get a large earthy wooden table to really set up shop!

By the way, I just bought your last coaster on Etsy! I had seen it on your blog and was delighted that it was still there-- barely... It was the last one. Yea!

Dinah said...

You've got fantastic organizing ideas! I need to do the same. And I'm sick that the coasters are all gone. Will there be more?

norththreads said...

Where do you find the time to create all this stuff & list it???? Im on dail-u so I dread listing anythinG!!!! S0- your clipee is done. One is blue & pink & one is yellow and well of Let me know your addy & which one u want! I just realized now, I hoe those colors interest you, there is no red on it though. I got into crafty lala land and forgot which colors u wanted!!:) Great organizing ideas!!

June said...

I appreciate your post about organizing your craft room as that is what I'm attempting to do. I'm making slow progress but it feels a tad overwhelming so I am glad to see some ideas in your craft space that will help.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks so much KJ--I just mailed it out--so it should be in it's new home with you in a few days! Good luck with finding your big wooden table!

Thanks Dinah!! I am about to list a pink/roses/vintage buttons coaster in my shop--hop on over and check it out. I also have enough of the pink/gold rick rack for about 2 or 3 of the shabby chic coasters, which I'll probably stitch up tonight after supper. I don't have any red/white polka dots left right now so I can't make any of the bird ones just like that one. I'll have to hit the fabric shop and see if I can get more!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks Ang!! I know what you mean about the dial-up---we've only had the high speed for about 3 months now so I still remember very clearly how long it takes to list things! I feel for you! I'll send you an Etsy convo with my addy!! I'm so excited that my clippee is done, Yeah!! Thanks :-)

Thanks June! I know what you mean, it does seem overwhelming sometimes to try and keep all this stuff organized--AND it's a lot of work too (which you would rather spend crafting!). But, it feels so good when it's done!

yours truly said...

I can only dream of being so organized! You're amazing! I loved visiting your blog!

Ben Can Dance said...

I like the idea for organizing little rubber stamps. I have quite a few and that's a great way to see them and keep them neat!

Nina Kuriloff said...

you are very well-organized!
congrats to you!


treasurefield said...

I resemble these remarks! ;)

My sister is about to "loan" me her rubber stamps as she goes back to school. Uggggghhhh! Keeping them apart from mine... and I'm low on storage space anyway.
Can you come over and help???

Amy Wagner said...

Thanks for sharing!!
You have great ideas.
I have the very same ivory colored jewelry box with the drawer in the bottom. It was my Grandma Bubbles' and it sat on her vanity. She knew I always liked to peek inside it. When she moved from Mi. to Fla. she gave it to me. It sits on my dresser. I like the idea of getting some at estate sales/garage sales and using them for art supply stuff.
I laughed about your Pot of Gold candy boxes...I have many Whitman's candy boxes (the yellow ones that are nice and sturdy. I even use the inside plastic divided trays for my quilled paper flowers. The best part is they still smell like chocolate!

Victoria said...

Great ideas on keeping all the wonderful bits and pieces organized! Love the idea of using the old jewlery box! Will definitely try that one!

Ivy Arts said...

So super, duper jealous of anyone with a craft room. I have a corner that I still have to keep child-proofed at all times. Very unproductive. I think that will all change in the next six months and I can't wait. Great seeing your space and getting ideas.

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