Friday, August 03, 2007

Ain't life grand!

Oh! It's a gorgeous summer day! The humidity has dropped and the temp is in the mid 70's--perfect! I feel like I could take on the world today!

Here are a few of my newest items:

Here's a cute wrist pincushion--It's all hand stitched and I used woolfelt and feedsack fabrics to make it a flower--a little wrist corsage. I've put some cardboard between the flower layers, so the pins won't poke you in the arm. There's a nylon belt webbing strap with a good long velcro strip--so it should fit any size arm. I do have a picture of it in my Etsy shop- actually ON my arm, but my arm is so tan that it looks kinda weird! lol So I just show it here by itself.

Here are a couple new coasters. They are just a little bit of a different color scheme than the other ones and I've added little tiny yoyos--aren't they cute?!! I call them "Polka Dot Penny" and "Rosebud". Someone from Australia has shown an interest in them both--but so far she hasn't actually bought them--so they are still there. First come, first serve!! lol

Oh, and I wanted to share this fun feedback I got yesterday! I have the best customer and online friends!! This was from KJ --she bought one of these shabby chic coasters :

"YES! A thousand times, YES! I received my Mrs. Kwitty Pretty today! Oh, my... This pink floral coaster truly is more charming than the photo could ever do it justice! I love it, love it, love it! And, before my mail even came, I was online this morning looking for the Flora coaster. When it wasn't available, Mrs. Kwitty just whipped one up for me! Voila! And, the packaging is so very pretty with personal stamped touches and a lovely matching clothespin magnet inside! Can you feel my happiness?"

Thanks so much KJ--it's customers and people like you that really make life happy!!

My hub works a 4 day week--four 10 hour or more days--so he has Friday's off. All the other weekday mornings I get up at 5:30 or 6:00 and have coffee and visit with him and send him off to work. Then I have the quiet house all to myself for a few hours until the kids wake up (they are teeny boppers you know, so they sleep in!) so I can blog and craft and post things, etc. But not Fridays! lol Hub likes to make noise! He wakes everyone up, and is so happy to have the work week behind him. It really is a joy. He is in the shower right now so I figure I'd better write up my blog post NOW, lol. He's going to take Joe to the cabin with him, Linds is there right now with her cousin's family. Sadly, Misty's leg is still not well enough and we don't think she could manage the rooty terrain at the cabin--so I will stay home with her today. I feel bad for her, she is really getting bored and bummed at being so cooped up. I think I'll take her out to lunch today.


Hanna said...

ou make so much cute and romantic things, I love your style! I just wanted to let you know I visited. :-)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Yes everything is SO cute!
Sorry about the leg...and that was a nice review from someone, wasn't it?!

Christina said...

Ooh! I love the coasters, but I REALLY love the pincushion! So pretty!

Christina said...

The coasters are darling. I really like that pincushion!

Amy Wagner said...

I love that color combination. It has always been one of my favorites. I refer to it as peach & sage.

Sunny Kristi said...

I love all your bird appliqués (I love birds). Do you do much hand embroidery? I saw some (hand embroidery) at a local quilt store and wanted to learn how. But I think that was after I saw all your pretty bird appliqués. Your work is very inspirational. I want to try some yo-yos too! I love all the colors you choose. Oh and the main thing I wanted to say was... Lovely pincushion!

She'sSewPretty said...

You are always so creative! I love the wr8st pincushion. Too bad we didn't live closer and I'd go to lunch with you!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks so much hanna--and I'm glad you stopped by :-)

Thanks shabby--it really was nice! Sure made my day!

Thank you to both of you Christinas!!

Thanks a lot Amy! I really like those 2 together too!

Thanks sunnykristi! Yes, I do like to do hand embroidery, very much. When I was a wee little girl, my Mom taught me to embroider so I would have something to occupy my hands while she was busy sewing or crocheting. I still love it's old fashioned charm--it speaks to me. You really should some yoyos, they are easy-as-pie and so cute too! Have fun.

Thanks Betty--I would love to go to lunch with you! I'll bet we'd have a great time!

Dinah said...

Life IS grand and so are your coasters and the pincushion! Your weather is even grand! How about 94 degrees? You KNOW I've got the fan on high, and NOT oscillating!

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